Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Two Memories

What's the urinal for? It will come apparent.

One of the first blogs I checked out through Faithful Bloggers was one named the Surrendered Scribe. The authoress has a feature called 'Character Confessions'. The article I read was titled Mean Girls. Julie relates a time when she was mean - not outwardly, but on her mind. The article got me to thinking about bullying.

The vlog below relates stories in my life when I was on the receiving end. And how I responded.

This is the first video I filmed for Not Quite Dead.

Video Running Time 9:37
Audio Running Time 6:37

Image by korom, hosted by PhotoRee

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5 It was tough, but I forgave my trespasser/s.
4 I will pray for God to help me forgive mine.
3 Could you please forgive my trespasser/s for me?
2 I won't fight back, but I won't turn my cheek either!
1 I still want to do unspeakable things to that/those person/s!!

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