Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chewy Chewsday 02: A Tale of Two Dogs

Word error in video I say "...Romans goes on to say" (DOH!) Should be "...Hebrews goes onto say."
I know! My hair is in error too!!

Video Running Time 10:41
Audio Running Time 07:15

If you would like a manuscript of the content, please contact me on glehnmarc@yahoo.com and let me know.

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1. That's helped me understand something I didn't before. Thanks!
2. I've come away from this more determined not to let the enemy tell me what to think.
3. Grace depicted as a dog. I thought I'd never see it!
4. If my father thinks what he did to me was discipline. I don't want God's discipline.
5. If my father thinks what he did to me was love. I don't want God altogether!

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