Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Language of Love

If you have never looked into the love languages, then I encourage you to. It is a fascinating study and has helped me understand more about who I am and what I need. Join me as I share with you my latest adventure regarding my love language. I pray it will be helpful and will spur you on to learn more about yourself.

"But this is Sunny Sunday."

It is. And I assure you there is thankfulness in here, never fear.


Video Running Time 9:04
Audio Running Time 7:17

Yours in Christ

If you would like a manuscript of the content, please contact me on and let me know.

If you would like to know what your love language is, take this 10 - 15 minute assessment.

If you already know your Love Language? Use a comment box to write what is it, and if you are willing, share with others by writing an adventure you had with your love language.

1. Physical Touch
2. Words of Affirmation
3. Quality Time
4. Receiving Gifts
5. Acts of Service

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