Friday, October 28, 2011

So Here's the Plan.

Each day of the week will feature a different type of post. Not always every week.

MUDDY MUNDAYS will feature, well yes mud. It will be a day of confessions. Muddy Monday will also be the day I jot down any prayer requests. Either mine or others.

CHEWY CHEWSDAYS will feature 'food for thought' posts, and will usually be challenging - both for you and for me.

WEEDY WEDNESDAYS will be when I chat to those not yet tracking down the narrow way. Our pre-Christian brothers and sisters.

THIRSTY THIRSTDAYS will be reserved for bible study. I will be using this guide. You are welcome to purchase a copy as well and follow it through with me. It would be great to discuss what we discover together.
I can't recommend BookDepository enough, it is the best book service I've found on the net. If you are interested flick me an email at I will start posting study related stuff from the 24th of November. That will give you enough time to purchase a copy of the study.

FRY-UP FRY DAYS will feature an ingredient that I gathered from outside of the blog ie. Some truth that I got from a message, or a Faithful Bloggers Tip from Courtney, or a point made in a book - I will take that ingredient, throw it into the wok of my mind stir it around, cook it up and serve it up.

SOMETHIN' SATURDAYS Anything goes for this day ... almost anything. Might be a poem, or a story, or an anecdote, a scripture, whatever is on my mind. This is the day I will endevour to cover every week.

SUNNY SUN DAYS A day of thanksgiving - also a day I endevour to have something on every week.

So that's the plan


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From the list below choose that which closely resembles your reaction and enter the number in the comment box.

For a more enjoyable experience always read down the list.

5 May the sun always shine on your blog
4 Yeah, I think I could chew on this blog
3 Well it's somethin', I spose.
2 Hmm ... stir things up and your blog will stay muddy
1 This blog's a weed. Pull it out!

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