Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunny Sunday, Clouded

You get those weeks when you find it hard to be thankful. This could have been one of those weeks. To cut a long story short. I told the landlady the truth about herself with as much love as I could muster (and perhaps that was part of the problem ... try and muster something out of yourself and not through the Lord, and it stands a high chance of not being as successful as you would like). So I told the landlady the truth in mustered up love, and now I have three weeks to find another place.

I however do not regret what I told her. I suspect she has never had anyone really tell the truth to her. It's foreign, uncomfortable, in her face. She can't look into the mirror, so she smashes it. Smashing the mirror equates to getting rid of me. In a text, not face to face, she wrote,'The time has come for you to move on.' Dear, dear landlady. Getting rid of me won't get rid of the truth.

I had wanted to move out a month and a half ago, but I didn't feel it was quite the right time, and I think this is because if I had left then, I would have gone away with stuff bottled up inside me, and it wouldn't be healthy. Right now I am very much at peace, she reacting at  what was said in the email,  it touched a nerve. I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue his work in her life, good will come out of this.

I am more at piece now than I was earlier today, because after chatting with a few folk at church tonight, there is a room I can move into Monday, if I would like. I have chosen to stay here for a couple of weeks, and plan to continue to extend love, through Christ, not through mustering, to my sister while I'm here. Maybe we will still get that chance to talk face to face. I am thankful today because of the body of Christ at Campus Church helped me nut out a few things. Oh how wonderful it is to have Christian brothers and sisters about you. Surround yourself my friends, with godly people, it is more than good for you - it is essential.

Blessings Glenn


  1. I like how you put on your "About", 'Looking for my missing rib'--conveys a perfect interconnectedness one has with the spouse.

    I also like the simplicity of this post. The incident conveys your one final point on why it is essential that we are within the community of Christ's body.

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  3. I wasn't planning on taking away my own comment LOL. I wanted to edit a mistake, is all.

    Thanks unapologeticapologist for dropping in - love the name by the way. Yes UAA we are in fact made to have friends, for it is not good for man to be alone. I will also be touching on the interconnectedness of one's spouse, in the Genesis 2 study.


  4. Yeah, the truth always brings consequences with it: sometimes hard ones. It's better to speak it, though, than bottle things up. And it's better to please God and trust him with the consequences.

    Good to hear thing's have worked out with a place to stay.

    I like the new blog name, by the way!

  5. Hello Chris :)

    Update on the situation. I am pleased to say that the two of us have sat down and had a chat. She said that if I didn't find a place she was happy to reconsider and let me stay on. As much as I'd like not to have box up all my books again, it's too late. I have said I'd move into the new place. So we will part our ways, but we part on good terms, and that is really what I hoped for. She welcomes visits, so that's a 'YAY!'

    Oh Chris I just had a thought! I could have called the blog 'The Barefoot Racerunner' LOL!